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Founded in 1993, Sonoma Charter School is a K-8 charter school located in California’s beautiful Sonoma Valley. It is truly an extraordinary place of learning, and our talented staff provides each student an education with high academic standards.

Our VISION is:  We are a small nurturing community of curious and self-aware learners who will thrive with compassion.


Our MISSION is to implement and sustain each part of the Vision statement:


• Small, nurturing community: class size, aides, K-8, inward facing campus, morning ceremony, personalized, family-like setting

• Curious Learners: Strong Arts program, project-based learning, love of learning, creative thinkers.

• Self-Aware Learners: Strong academics, enrichment programs, positive behavior encouragement

• Thrive: Happiness and success in lfe.

• Compassion: Global Citizen, contribution to society, social conscience, and making the world a better place.

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