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Grades: 6-7-8

The Cluster 3 Program for grades 6-7-8 continues to adjust curriculum to meet students’ specific needs. Students develop a more independent, self-governed approach to learning. They are encouraged to take on challenging tasks, be resourceful and self-reliant, and to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. In addition, collaboration and building respectful relationships is vital to the health of our classroom community.


6th Grade Language Arts:

Novel studies: Pay It Forward and Maniac Magee



Plot Resolution

Figurative Language

Narrator point of view

Compare and contrast texts


7th Grade Language Arts:

Novels: “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton,

“The Master Puppeteer” by Katherine Paterson,

and “Last Book in the Universe” by Rodman Philbrick.

Writing: Argumentative essays, informative essays, narratives, poetry, and

learning to write in MLA format.


8th Grade Language Arts:

Novels: “Legend” by Marie Lu, “Red Badge of Courage”

by Stephen Crane, “Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank

Writing: Argumentative essays, Informative essays,

narratives, poetry, and continue to write in MLA format.



6th Grade Social Studies:

Early Humans, Mesopotamians, and Egyptians

Ancient Hebrews

Ancient Greece

Early civilizations of India and China

Ancient Rome


7th Grade Social Studies (World History):

Fall of Rome, The growth of Islam, Sub-Saharan

Africa, Asian civilization, European history,

Early American civilizations

Historical Fiction Novel:

7th graders write a historical fiction novel over the course of 7th grade. The students use what they

learn in English to write the novel about a time traveling character that visits the times and places

we study in history throughout the course of the year. Students often self-publish their novels to create

a very professional final product.


8th Grade Social Studies (American History):

Discovery of America, American revolution, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, our government systems, Civil War, WWI, WWII, civil rights, recent and current history.


6th Grade Earth & Space Science:

• Space systems

• Earth Systems

• Weather and Climate


7th Grade Life Science:

• Ecosystems

• Cells and Body Systems

• Natural Selection


8th Grade Physical Science:

• Structure and Properties of Matter

• Energy and Forces

• Waves and Electromagnetic Spectrum


6th & 7th Grade Mathematics:


Multiplication and division of fractions

and multi-digit numbers


Geometry: area, surface area, volume

Statistical variability and distributions

8th grade Algebra includes Linear Equations and Functions


The 8th Grade Exiting Project is an important part of our program at SCS. It is a culmination of our students’ k-8 experience, through which the 8th graders are challenged to demonstrate their academic strength across the curriculum. The project begins early in the year with each student selecting an area of study to pursue. Then the students work throughout the year to prepare an in-depth written report that covers their core subjects such as English, History, Math, and Science. The kids also create an artistic element, use modern technology, and interview an expert. Students then create a tri-fold board and a 10-20 minute presentation to share with a panel of judges from the community.


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