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This part of the website is still under construction, so we will have more information about our Core Curriculum coming soon. But read below for a summary of our school's programs.

The guiding philosophy behind all Sonoma Charter School programs is to facilitate the development of the whole child, resulting in a literate, thinking, active, and compassionate participant of the global society. We consciously work to teach our students higher-order thinking skills: analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, instead of mere memorization of factual material. We strive to encourage students to become engaged in and excited about their schoolwork, and to pursue additional paths of study in their areas of special interest.

An integrated curriculum involves active investigation, play, experiential and interactive exploration, respect for all of humankind, and reliance upon parents as partners.

Documenting children’s progress through assessment and evaluation is integral to the facilitation of the child’s learning.

Student Support Services provides academic intervention for identified students. Programs include Reading Intervention and English Language Learning support. Additional specialized services are provided for students connected to the Special Education Individualized Education Program (IEP) and include more intensive academic support, as well as Speech/Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy.


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